Nicole and her Little Monkey

?Those two pink lines on the pregnancy test changed my world, I was beyond excited. Being a mum was my absolute dream and we were determined to try everything we could to make it come true.?

At 26 weeks pregnant, our dreamer, Nicole?s world came crashing down when, the day before her baby shower, she was told that she had breast cancer.

?I could not help but wonder ?why me?? Over the next 12 months I underwent chemotherapy, a C-section at 38 weeks, more chemotherapy, a unilateral mastectomy and again, more chemotherapy,? Nicole writes.

At 15 months, no evidence of disease was found and, for a short while at least, this family tried to get back to ?normal life?. But just last October, she found that the cancer had returned as Stage 4 breast cancer.

?Due to my diagnosis, my little monkey has spent more time in a hospital in his short life than most adults. My dream now is to treat my son to an experience he will always remember,? Nicole writes.

Much like most Australian children, Ethan has an unwavering obsession with The Wiggles.

?The Wiggles have taken the prime position on our Netflix account since he was just one and as a result he has picked up quite a few of their dance moves.?

?The colourful group gave me the opportunity to rest on my bad days and kept my little one entertained while we cuddled on the couch. They kept him happy during long days at the hospital and taught him funny little habits like yelling ?Wake Up Mummy!? each time I close my eyes.?

Nicole?s dream touched the hearts of Fitzy and Wippa from Radio Nova 96.9 and they wanted to make her dream extra special.

Last week, Nicole join Fitzy and Whippa for a chat and thanks to their wonderful efforts, the red Wiggle, Simon, tuned in. Touched by her story, The Wiggles have chosen to dedicate their next show to Nicole – inviting her and Ethan to sing with them and have a meet and greet.

Nicole, her mum and Ethan enjoyed a beautiful weekend at the QT Hotel far from medical appointments and the big C word- as well as being chauffeured in their very own ?Big Red Car? much to Ethan?s delight.

?We want you to relax, enjoy yourself and have a day to remember,? said Fitzy and Wippa.

?It was so lovely to have a weekend with Ethan. I was able to just be a mum and delight in my beautiful boy?s enjoyment of people watching in the city, the aquarium and, of course, The Wiggles.?

?I was absolutely blown away by the generosity of both Fitzy and Wippa. It was so much more than I had ever expected,? Nicole says.

?A big thank you to Dreams2Live4 and your wonderful founder, Annie, for creating this amazing charity.?