Good2Give Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is one of the most effective ways to support the work of Dreams2Live4.?As an individual, giving makes us feel good. A number of studies have found that the very act of giving builds one?s sense of belonging, meaning and helps grow wider generosity in our society.

If your company has Good2Give as its Workplace Giving Platform, we encourage you ‘Sign In’ and support us with a Workplace Giving donation today. Every single dollar is put to use making dreams come true for patients who’s cancer has spread. Visit https://good2give.ngo to get started today!

With workplace giving, the tax benefits are immediate; no need to keep or find tax receipts! You can also try Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Tax Calculator?to see how much a donation will save you in tax.

If your workplace does not currently have workplace giving, you can read more about it and register your interest here: https://good2give.ngo/companies/