Our Dreamers range from 17 to 97 years old, from all walks of life, with all types of cancer, and they all have their own unique dreams. We have had weddings, hot air ballooning, adventures to the reef and snow. Some Dreamers ask to meet their idol- Guy Sebastian, Dawn French, Dolly Parton, The Kings of Leon ? just to name a few. Other Dreamers long to create lasting happy memories for those they leave behind in the form of family photographs, getaways and family reunions. Or it could be as simple as having their hair done so the nurses see them at their best. Here are just some of the amazing dreams we have had the privilege to work on. *Details have been changed to protect the privacy of our Dreamers.

  • Animals will help to heal my soul

    Kerryn?s love for animals and belief in their healing capacity runs deep. Her wish is to spend the night at Jamala Wildlife Lodge in Canberra. ?I believe animals have souls that are pure. Jamala would allow me to see many magnificent animals up close. To see, as well as hear the animal’s calls would help […]

  • A trip to remember

    Belinda?s dream is to visit Tasmania, to walk around Winehouse Bay and to visit the MOANA Museum with her beautiful daughter Caroline.
    ?We are extremely close and great travel buddies. I can’t imagine anyone else with whom I would rather travel,? she wrote.

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  • We’re going to the Zoo!

    Our Dreamer has been battling brain cancer for two long years. His dream was to spend the night at Taronga Zoo with his family and to watch the animal?s antics. Spending precious time with those you love can be the best medicine.
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  • Creating Memories By the Beach

    Creating new memories with his family by the beach is all that Ryan dreams of. ?My dream is to take a family holiday to the beach. Some of the best memories I have are when we’re at the beach on our family getaway?s.” See more

  • Exploring Northern Territory’s National Parks

    Our incredible dreamer, Birgit, has returned from a once in a lifetime trip to Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks. She reflects on the trip saying, ?It was an unforgettable experience and it exceeded my expectations.” See more

  • My New Best Friend

    Dogs were always a big part of Jason?s childhood; he’s never forgotten this connection with his four-legged friends. So when Jason came to Dreams2Live4 asking for his dream of a dog to be realised, we just knew that Tillie would be the perfect match. See more

  • I Can?t Remember The Last Time Seeing Mum Smile Like That

    At Dreams2Live4 we were honoured to make this dream come true by bringing this gorgeous Sharpie into our Dreamer’s life. And by all accounts it?s working out beautifully. See more

  • Memorable Trip To Tasmania

    Our dreamer, Kylie, has just returned from an incredibly memorable trip to Tasmania with her husband and two kids. Spending their time in a campervan, they travelled from Hobart to Launceston, Port Arthur and many small places along the way. Making memories that will stay with them for a lifetime! See more

  • Precious Time Away With Family

    Jonathan has just returned from an unforgettable holiday in Tasmania with his wife and daughter. Before leaving, Jonathan said, ?My time with my family is the most precious thing to me. Being able to take my daughter and wife away would make me ecstatic.? See more

  • An Escape For A Few Days

    Our wonderful dreamer, Tegen, lived on the Sunshine Coast and always loved nature and its calming and restorative qualities. Her dream was to escape to North Stradbroke Island for a few days – to momentarily get away from the appointments, treatments and day-to-day metastatic cancer experience. See more

  • Making Treasured Memories

    Sarajoy is back from her amazing few days away, with her beautiful husband and son. Before leaving, Sarajoy said, ?Making treasured memories is such a huge part of this journey, it?s my dream that my son will carry these memories with him so I can stay with him in his heart even through the things I can?t be a part of.? See more

  • A Life Changing Dream

    Jennilee’s life was changed when her beautiful pug, Donatello, came into it. Watch this wonderful video focused on this incredible dream. See more

  • Uninterrupted Time with My Husband

    Our incredibly strong dreamer, Amanda, has just had an unforgettable weekend away with her partner, Lee, making lifelong memories. Lee came into Amanda?s life after her awful diagnosis, and has remained by her side throughout her whole treatment. See more

  • Seeing the Edinburgh Tattoo Live

    Margaret?s dream to see the Edinburgh Tattoo live and loud in Sydney has come true! Our incredible dreamer, Margaret, cherishes her memories of her beautiful mum, who tragically passed away when Margaret was only 13. See more

  • A Wolgan Valley Retreat

    Through our wonderful partnership with?St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, our beautiful dreamer Kathren is just back from an incredible few days at Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley. She reflects on her time away saying, ?It really was a dream come true. I keep looking at the photos and going back there in my mind!? See more

  • A New Addition to our Family!

    A beautiful new addition to our dreamer, Michelle?s family! Michelle spoke on behalf of her incredible husband and two sons, ?We cannot thank Dreams2Live4 enough for the precious gift of Herbert George Burgess ?HERBIE.? See more

  • Spending Time in a Magical Place With Her Daughter

    Danielle?s dream was to take her daughter to Broome to watch the magical sunset over Cable Beach. In 1990, Danielle road tripped around Australia with one of her girlfriends, and since then Broome has held a special place in her heart. See more

  • A Family Trip to Noosa

    After many years of a gruelling battle with cancer, Darren was so grateful to be able to travel to Noosa for a few days with his beautiful wife and daughter. Spending uninterrupted time together in a beautiful part of the country, has only provided Darren and his family with unforgettable memories that they will cherish forever. See more

  • To Spend Time With Her Family Together Again

    Silvana?s dream was to see her son again, and to spend time with her family together! Christopher, Silvana?s son, moved away for work shortly before her diagnosis and hasn?t had the chance to come back to Sydney. See more

  • To Have My Song Played Live on the Radio

    Lauren?s dream has always been to have one of her songs played on the radio. Her love for music started when she was a young girl, singing at every opportunity. She then went on to study music and teaching, to combine her passions, and teach younger people everything she knows about music. See more

  • My Dream is to Escape to an Island with my Family

    “My dream is to escape to an island with my family.” Caroline’s world came tumbling down when she was diagnosed with cancer that had already spread. See more

  • “My dream is to sit on a deck at the beach”

    The beach had always been an important part of Todd?s life. Three times a week he drove to the beach with his wife and gorgeous four-year-old son Nate to watch Nate play and to listen to the waves crash on the shore. See more

  • A Family Trip to Uluru

    Her dream was to walk as far around Uluru as possible, and after spending 3 nights in this breathtaking landmark in Australia?s centre, Jodie had her dream come true. See more

  • To Swim With Whales

    Our dreamer Victoria, known as Tori, has had a lifelong dream to swim with humpback whales. And as Tori said, ?Thank you doesn?t seem to be a strong enough word for what you?ve given me this week!? See more

  • Day Full of Pampering

    Our beautiful dreamer, Alison, has been in palliative care for 3 months, and all she wanted to do was have a day full of pampering with her loved ones. See more

  • Meet Her Lifelong Idol

    Margaret?s lifelong dream was to meet her idol Hugh Jackman. Thanks to the generosity of Dreams2Live4 supporters, that is exactly what happened. See more

  • A Trip to Western Australia

    Monika?s dream was to visit Western Australia. ?l have never been there before and it has my three favourite things; beautiful sunsets, beaches and wonderful wineries,? wrote Monika. See more

  • One Last Trip to the Beach

    Fay?s dream was to go to her beloved Newport Beach one last time. Her Dream Maker Louise swung into action and the next day she was at the edge of Newport Beach with some of her loved once by her side. See more

  • “It felt like being home again”

    Our Dreamer Henry and his wife, Mel, have just returned home from a few days away in the beautiful Katoomba with smiles on their faces and memories that will be held dear for years to come. See more

  • House Boat on the Murray River

    ?It?s my dream to take myself and my family on a house boat on the Murray River.” See more

  • The Lucas 5 and the Parra Eels

    Last week our dreamer Steve took his family, ?The Lucas 5?, out to the new?Parramatta Eels?home ground Stadium in a Hummer.
    A simple day spent with his family watching his beloved Eels is all that he asked. See more

  • Casey Making a Difference

    This brave young woman is dedicating her dream to a video advocating the rights of people with Brain Cancer, Brain Injury and Disability. See more

  • A Bondi dream come true

    A cancer diagnosis was the last thing 18-year-old Easton Robertson from Caloundra and his family expected when he went to hospital in April because of severe stomach pain- but since then their lives have been a whirlwind of medical and hospital visits. See more

  • Magnetic Island Getaway

    For the past 6 months, Caroline?s life had been turned upside down by the trials of cancer, but through everything, her family has been her rock. See more

  • Mark’s Vivid Dream

    Our Dreamer Mark wished more than anything to have a wonderful night away with his kids ?where no one has to do anything except have a good time together.? See more

  • Time to Reconnect

    ?My Dream is to sit on the beach, eat fish and chips and watch the sun setting over the ocean with my family?. See more

  • Memories in the Snow

    “My dream is to take my family to the snow” See more

  • Norman’s Day on the Greens

    When Dream Maker Annabel first met Norman, he didn?t know where his dream would take him, but for a keen golfer there is no better day than one spent at the Australian Golf Club. See more

  • Island Escape

    Caroline’s world came tumbling down when she was diagnosed with cancer that had already spread.

    “I felt cheated that I hadn’t been given the opportunity to beat this!” she told us See more

  • Steven’s Last Wish

    When Steven was diagnosed with terminal cancer in November last year, contact was made with Dreams2Live4 and his dream was travel to Tasmania to spend time with his sisters, Jodie and Tracy. See more

  • James and Chrissy’s Babymoon

    ?The trip to Hydro Majestic in the Blue Mountains was really a dream for us both. It was the first time in months we weren?t all about ?the cancer?. We were James and Chrissy on our babymoon.? See more

  • A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Our Dreamer, Keith, has taken a trip down memory lane with his partner Jan this month visiting his home town of Terrigal. See more

  • Parramatta Eels #1 Fan

    Steve?s world came tumbling down when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A lifelong Parramatta Eels fan, his dream is to travel to Sydney in a Hummer with his wife and kids to a game at the new Parramatta Eels stadium. See more

  • Tania’s Clifftop Retreat

    Mum to gorgeous 13-year-old Christian and 7-year-old and Heidi, Tania?s dream is simple, and that is to spend a few days away from hospitals and medical visits with her family and best friend, Kinga, in the Blue Mountains. See more

  • Greg and Cath’s Australian Adventure

    Our Dreamer Gregory met the love of his life, Cath, when they were just 16 and 17, and the two have been inseparable ever since. See more

  • A Hamilton Hide-away

    Trish had only been married for a year when she received her cancer diagnosis.

    ?I have managed to have fun in spite of cancer because of the love and support from my husband.” See more

  • An Aerobatic Joy Flight

    Last week our 73 year old Dreamer Ewald has taken the adventure to new heights with an aerobatic joy flight- ducking and diving above Lake Macquarie. See more

  • A Night of Lights

    Let?s hope the rain holds out for our Dreamer Mark who?s spending the night at Sydney?s Vivid Light Show with his adoring children. See more

  • Jodie has taken to the skies

    Dreams have taken Jodie to the sky with a helicopter ride overlooking the 12 Apostles. See more

  • A Whale of a Time

    Our Dreamer Victoria, Tori for short, has spent the past 25 years longing to swim with the Humpback whales. See more

  • An Anchor In The Making

    ?After going through numerous surgeries, hospital stays, treatments and side effects, I thought I would never see this day. I was overwhelmed as I read my name out loud to close the news.” See more

  • A Honeymoon Worth Waiting For

    In March 1989, when two newlyweds set off in their car, a category 5 cyclone stood between them and their Tasmanian honeymoon. 30 years later, our Dreamer Anne-Maree and her husband have finally received the long awaited honeymoon they both deserve. See more

  • A New Addition To The Family

    Four years ago, our dreamer, Kylie, welcomed a puppy into her home. Little Maisie has become so much more than a distraction from the grueling treatment of chemo. She has become part of the family- bringing joy and life to them when they needed her most. See more

  • Talk About A Dream Come True…

    Remember our dreamer Andrew whose dream it was to travel to the top end of Australia to hook a barramundi. Well he caught six. Yes six! Talk about a dream come true!See more

  • The Rabbitohs #1 fan

    Stephen is a lifelong South Sydney Rabbitohs fan – in fact, he was a ball boy for the Rabbitohs when he was a young boy. See more

  • A Beachhouse Holiday

    Immersed in the beautiful Salamander Bay, Catherine and her family were given the safe haven they needed, untouched by treatments and tests. Having time away from the struggles of her diagnosis has meant so much to our Dreamer and her loving family. See more

  • Maria’s Big Moment

    The second our Dreamer Maria stepped off the plane at 12,000 feet, ?it was like as if time has stopped for all of us,? her friend, Dominique, writes. See more

  • A Man’s Best Friend

    They say a dog is a man?s best friend – and what a friend Picko has become for our Dreamer Steven. See more

  • Metal Head

    ?I first discovered Metallica in the very early 90?s, watching an episode of the popular music program Rage as a young lad. Their song entitled ?Enter Sandman? came on and instantly, I was hooked,? our dreamer, Glen, says. See more

  • Nicole and her Little Monkey

    ?Due to my diagnosis, my little monkey has spent more time in a hospital in his short life than most adults. My dream now is to treat my son to an experience he will always remember,? Nicole writes. See more

  • A Honeymoon Long Overdue

    In March 1989, our dreamer Anne-Maree married the love of her life. See more

  • An Artist in her Element

    When our dreamer Sally received her diagnosis in 2014 her ?whole world caved in?. Sally?s dream was to chase the ?creative ambience? of Melbourne with her best friend Jo, who has been by her side since their days teaching at Inala West State School. See more

  • Swimming with the Crocodiles

    ?I am stoked that ?Dreams2Live4 are helping me achieve a Bucket List dream of swimming and diving with a salt water crocodile for my 52nd birthday?. See more

  • A Holiday Escape

    Our dreamer Teena is a 44 year old single mum who means the world to her 3 kids. ?Just like a lot of women my age, I still feel like I’m in my twenties. Well, I did until I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2016.? See more

  • A Fisherman’s Dream

    As an avid fisherman, Andrew?s dream has always been to catch an ever-elusive barramundi. Since childhood he has yearned to travel up North to fish the top end of Australia.
    See more

  • Aunty Kez

    ?I have never been fortunate enough to have my own children and for my entire life my family and the children have been the centre of my universe, the reason I get out of bed each day even when my future doesn?t look as bright as it used to?. See more

  • Grandad’s Day Out

    When our dreamer Arthur was diagnosed with lung cancer, he made the heartbreaking decision to not go ahead with radiation treatment.
    ?I would rather spend my time left with my family and especially my grandchildren who I completely adore.? See more

  • A letter of Courage From Hamilton

    When treatment kept our dreamer Jayne from seeing the work of Lin Manuel Miranda in Hamilton, live, it became her dream to have it brought to her! See more

  • Island Life

    For the past nine years, Claire?s life has been dictated by cancer. Her dream was to put cancer and medical visits aside for her dream to swim with dolphins. See more

  • Derby Day Fun

    Our dreamer Margaret has attended the Spring Carnival in Melbourne for the past 24 years. While she and her best friend Kim have always made their own fun standing in the queue for the races, they dream of turning up with a little more flare?See more

  • Craig’s Bucket List

    ?Life is too short to be anything but happy?. See more

  • Anesha’s Dream-job

    When our dream-maker Louise first met Anesha at Chris O?Brian Hospital- her condition was critical.
    ??leaning up against her hospital bed- she looked so weak. I didn?t know if she had the strength to stand, let alone to dream. ” See more

  • A Last Wish

    Carmen?s dream was simple- to see the beach for the last time.
    When her daughter Tatiana contacted Dreams2Live4 last week, Carmen was in palliative care and time was critical. See more

  • Coming Home

    “It was so good to have time where you are not worrying about the effects of chemo.” In the past 21 years of marriage to his wife Lesley-Anne, our dreamer, Malcolm has built a family and a life that many can only dream of. See more

  • Save the Date

    Reminding us that a sense of adventure is never truly lost, this week our dreamer Lynne has spent precious time with her husband on a holiday that she ?could never have imagined?. See more

  • A Little Bit of Heaven

    In November 2017, our dreamer Mandy first received the news that the hardest days were coming. A diagnosis of a rare and aggressive form of blood cancer stopped her in her tracks. The future promised with her loving husband and 2 young boys became uncertain. See more

  • A Passion that Never Fades

    Chris has received some horrible, gut-wrenching news: a metastatic cancer diagnosis. But throughout his gruelling treatment, Chris? love of cricket has remained as strong as ever! See more

  • Loving Naomi

    Before we embark into another new year, and another journey, the team behind Dreams2Live4 urge you to reflect on what matters most. Our dreamer, Naomi, is so much more than a patient. To her four young children and loving husband- she is everything. See more

  • A fighting Spirit

    For a girl far out West, the Big City was a dream in itself. From afar she imagined the adventures it holds, and a pace that finally matched her own. See more

  • To the Skies

    Scribbled in the back of a notebook or in an absent minded thought, everyone has their Bucket List. While we may take it out to edit or admire every few years, it takes the bravest version of ourselves to reach for the chance it holds. See more

  • It’s All Relative

    The bond between family lies in the choice to love one another through every triumph and misstep. They are the reason our dreamer does not fear for ?what if?.See more

  • Before Everything Changed

    One day 2 years ago, our dreamer Nathan kissed his fianc? and baby goodbye and padded up to play a game of cricket. He left, not knowing it would be the last day before everything changed. See more

  • A Loving Heart

    Someone once said that a loving heart is the beginning of everything. When we met our dreamer, Tanisha, we knew that her story did not start and will not end with her diagnosis. See more

  • Forever 19

    She lost more than many do in a lifetime by the age of 19 and, still, she did not hesitate to smile. See more

  • Life after Love

    Two years ago, Annette and her partner Tom were planning their future together. This was before Annette was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer. 3 months by her side through treatment and Tom, too, received his fatal diagnosis. See more

  • More than just a patient

    Before we embark into another new year, and another journey, the team behind Dreams2Live4 urge you to reflect on what matters most. See more

  • Puppy Love

    One story that has warmed the hearts of all who?ve heard it is Jennilee?s. Our dreamer has welcomed a new member of the family into her heart. See more

  • Young Again

    For the past 12 years, Glenn and Heather have lived as many couples do- working every chance they get and striving for that holiday that always seems out of reach. The difference is that they have done this while battling against Glenn?s cancer diagnosis. See more

  • New Life Gives New Hope

    This weekend our dreamer, Jennilee, will be picking up her long-awaited pup. Even before meeting, this 12-week old pug has brought joy to Jennilee?s life. See more

  • A Touch of Glamour

    Glamour is a word that is not often heard in the walls of a cancer ward, but for Annisha it sums up her dream to be a News Anchor for a day. See more

  • Rest and Recovery

    It is in the nature of an illness to build its walls around our dreamers out of treatments, diets, and time. No one can know this more than its patient and our dreamer, Tracy, who has dared to believe that there is another definition of what it means to be well. See more

  • Tanya and Her Little Family

    She has a husband who adores her and children to raise. In the midst of life for this family, cancer has stopped them in their tracks. See more

  • Medicine for the Soul

    For Belinda who has dedicated her life to others as a nurse, a friend and, most importantly, as a mother, our dreamer lives to make memories with her kids and for her kids. See more

  • A Friendship Worth Fighting For

    Alison?s world was thrown out of orbit when she was diagnosed with cancer. Everything that once seemed so sure faltered, including the future she planned that now seemed out of reach. Everything, that is, except for the friends and family who surround her. See more

  • Roar and Snore on the Sydney Skyline

    Amid the calls of animals that should be sleeping, our dreamer, Rowena, and her family will share their memories in the making. Seeking a touch of magic amidst the devastation of cancer, this family are looking forward to their night at Taronga Zoo?s Roar and Snore. See more

  • Aunty Kez

    Aunty Kez’s dream is to spend time with her family. But they all have busy lives. So she has come up with a very precious dream.See more

  • At a Later Date

    In September 2017 Angus and I got married. We had the most beautiful wedding in the welsh countryside surrounded by friends and family from both hemispheres. In November everything changed when I had an abnormal Pap smear.See more

  • The First and The Last

    “To have what will be the first, and the last, family holiday away would mean the world to me.”See more

  • Music and Mates

    Joshua is passionate about 2 things. Music and his mates. He is now working with Dream Maker Annabel to create a dream which celebrates both.See more

  • One More Holiday

    “As with most families these days we were always putting off a holiday and now find ourselves wishing we had done it sooner. I guess you never really think something like this will happen to you. See more

  • Yearns to be “Selfish”

    This single mum’s dream came as a shock to her. For the first time – in a long time – she yearns to be “selfish”.See more

  • Beautiful Lasting Memories

    Kirsten and her family have always been drawn to the ocean. And now, more than ever, Kirsten yearns to be by the sea with her young family. ?My main objective in life is to make beautiful lasting memories for them.?See more

  • The Chance to Breathe

    34 year-old Ryan just wants to the chance to take what he calls ?a breathe? with his wife. With a 2 ? year old and a 4 month old this young couple have fought hard to not let Ryan?s terrifying cancer diagnosis tear their world apart. See more

  • To Stop and Smell the Tulips

    ?I?m so excited about how Dreams2live4 can organise a trip that I have always wanted to do but it was never achieved. Being diagnosed with metastatic cancer has devastated my family. It?s been a roller coaster. My husband, children, family and friends have been my rock.See more

  • After 40 years…

    56 year- old Brett has shared his life with his partner Susan for more than 40 years, raising 2 children and 4 grand-children. Blessed with love the couple had always planned to get married but there was never the time or the money ? life just seemed to get in the way.See more

  • A Musical Thank You

    ?I had been living alone and they have graciously put their lives on hold to take me into their home and support me during my illness and what is left of my life. I would love to be able to give back to them in some small way.?See more

  • A Weekend in Karibu

    ?It was so nice and relaxing, we are pretty sure it was almost perfect for her.? Naomi yearned to spend precious time with her grandchildren and children, Her dream came true in house called Karibu. See more

  • Home for the Holiday

    After months of treatment and confined to the hospice, 36 year old Joshua had one dream – to go home to his Mum and Dads at Empire Bay. But to do this would require specialised home care. See more

  • To Create Mummy Magic

    A big part of being a Mum is helping to make your children?s dreams come true. Cancer has stripped so much from this family but our Dreamer will not let it take away her chance to still create mummy magic. See more

  • A Whole New World of Adventures

    The physical disabilities caused by brain cancer meant 23 year-old Bradley became socially isolated. Then he discovered video gaming. See more

  • A Honeymoon at Last

    Tracey has always put her family first. She has raised all of her grandchildren and now her husband. After 39 years of marriage, Tracey and Peter have never been able to celebrate their honeymoon.See more

  • A Supercar Dream!

    His dream was to drive a supercar with his wife by his side and the open road in front of him. With the help of some very special people our Dreamer Francis made his dream come true. Not with just one supercar – he drove 6 of them! See more

  • The House by the Lake

    The family were grieving. Forced to live apart. Phil had been in the hospice for four weeks. With his wife Cyndi sleeping in the chair next to his hospital bed, their teenage daughters were left to run the house. The family were desperate to be together again. See more

  • A Dream to celebrate their love

    Brad’s life is his family. Throughout his devastating diagnosis and ongoing battle with cancer, Brad’s thoughts have been for his girls. Brad’s dream is to renew their wedding vows on their 16th wedding anniversary. See more

  • “So I can call Kristy my wife”

    His dream was to marry the love of his life. She has been by his side throughout gruelling cancer treatments. Dream Maker Louise snapped this photo as the words “You may kiss the Bride” were said. Read their love story

  • Capturing Beauty and Love

    Kopu wanted to capture the love between her and her sisters. . “Now the quiet beauty, strength and love of this woman and her family can be treasured forever…” See more

  • You Can Only Take So Many Hits

    “When the social worker told us about Dreams2Live4, Anthony broke down in tears. It meant so much to him – the opportunity to forget about leukaemia…” See more

  • “To feel part of the world again”

    “I had a benign cancer for a long time and it caused a lot of physical, emotional and financial damage. Then I was told it was malignant and inoperable. That news was difficult for all of us.” – Wendy. Then Dream Maker Karen talked to Wendy about what her dream would be. And the world opened up. See more

  • Many dreams are about the chance to escape and regain a sense of control.

    65 year old Daniel has always been sports mad. Watching a game and cheering on his team was the best escape he had from the gruelling cancer treatment he has endured. Sadly Daniel can no longer leave his bed. His dream was to keep watching his sport. See more

  • So they can be kids – doing kids stuff – far away from the fear and anxiety of cancer

    Tennille has a heart of gold. She is Mum to two children and fosters 11 others who desperately need this loving Mum in their lives. Their home is filled with laughter and love. Last year however, this family was delivered a devastating blow. See more

  • Camera. Lights. Action. Dream!

    Our Dreamer Jacob is passionate about film making. At 19 he has already made many short films and dreams of having a career in the film industry. However his battle with metastatic cancer has put his dreams on hold. Until he met Kate See more

  • To see my kids smile as they discover something new!

    ” Hervey Bay was amazing. This is something that I?d always talked about doing with my two children, aged 14 and 16, but when I found out my diagnosis I resolved that I would really make it happen…” See more

  • The Best Way to Relax

    David’s life long dream has always been to stay on the water; after he was diagnosed with cancer he knew it was a good way to escape with his family. “Just the thought of been able to stay on the water would be the ultimate form of relaxation for me, I’ve always found it so peaceful?” See more

  • Animals are the Best Medicine

    Cookie is living with metastatic cancer and immediately knew her Dreams2Live4 dream would involve animals! She loves every aspect of animals, “I find spending time with animals the best medicine. I have always loved the zoo, the array of animals, the noises and yes even the smells! …” See more

  • Words Inspired by Joy

    A metastatic cancer diagnosis and heavy treatment left Robyn depleted and exhausted from the pain. Now spending time at home inspired her to write, “This new pursuit has given me a new lease of life and I would dearly love to have this poetry and stories in print for my family to read long after I?m gone…” See more

  • Young Love

    Steven’s diagnosis of brain cancer left this young couple devastated. They were a young couple in love dreaming of the Whitsundays…”See more

  • The Bond Between Two Sisters and Dolphins

    “This is daily now as I face my own diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. My wish now is to swim with the dolphins and fulfill my dream as well as my sister’s. It was an opportunity she never had…See more

  • Getting Away from the Hustle and Bustle

    This Dream would mean everything to me. It would enable me to spend precious time with my loving wife Lee, son, daughter and granddaughter, away from the daily hustle and bustle routine that each family member face on a daily basis…See more

  • Two Love Birds

    A Dream for 2 lovebirds. Gary’s dream was to whisk his wife away on a second honeymoon – back to where it all began on the beautiful waters of Jervis Bay…See more

  • Last Minute Miracles

    This young mum’s dream is to take her 9 year old to see the Ed Sheeren concert in Sydney. But it was sold out! …See more

  • New Goals

    After being diagnosed with cancer Carolyn just wanted to spend time with people around her. She wanted to spend quality time with her daughter for her 60th birthday at Hunter Valley…See more

  • The Power of Music

    Never underestimate the power of your kindness and how the joy is spread. As Bob Marley said ?One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.? Now he is sharing the power of music on the ward….See more

  • The Perfect Wedding

    Our 79 year old dreamer Eva faces a terrifying battle with metastatic cancer. But she desperately hoped for a very special dream: to marry the love of her life and capture this special moment… See more

  • Traveling in Style

    Margaret thought to her self, “One day we will travel to the races in style”. After being diagnosed with cancer she still wanted to keep up the tradition of going to the race with her friends, but this time she was finally arriving the way she wanted to. See more

  • Preparing for the Worst

    “When Greg’s cancer returned, our family was told to gather and prepare for the worst. His treatment was grueling: months of radiation, chemo and immunotherapy. During this time, all Greg wanted was to see his father…” See more

  • A Man’s Best Friend

    Allen’s much loved dog died last year. Since then Allen has yearned to spend time with ‘man’s best friends’ so all Allen and his wife Florence wanted was to go to The Royal Easter show to watch the dogs…See more

  • Making Memories

    “I want to give him a memory of a time where the worry and stress of seeing me get sicker leaves his mind for a little while. I want to give him a break from the daily appointments and treatments…” See more

  • Bluewater Boy

    Our Dreamer Wayne knows true happiness when he is on a boat, fishing or pulling up cray pots so when he was diagnosed with cancer he knew what his Dreams2live4 dream would be… See more

  • Told the third time ?You only have weeks to live?, thanks to Dreams2Live4 I got to ?live? one more time!

    Being inflicted for 6 ?long years? with metastatic breast cancer (which spread to the brain,) and then two weeks ago* being told I now have Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, life urgently became more precious. See more

  • “To see past the trauma and feel truly alive”

    My life seemed very sad with no apparent joy. Plans for travel were too hard and the Great Ocean Road was no longer thought of. Then Dream Maker Karen appeared at my hospital door…See more

  • “To reconnect with my family”

    As a hospital chaplain, Jeanne understands the importance of nurturing the soul. Now – after years of battling her own cancer and facing a terrifying prognosis – Jeanne’s dream is to make peace within her family. See more

  • “To feel a sense of adventure again”

    Cancer had robbed Vicki of so much. This intelligent, articulate woman found herself slowly being worn away by the gruelling routine of cancer treatment. After Dream Maker Karen visited her at The Wesley Hospital Vicki began to yearn for a sense of adventure. See more

  • To show my family how much I love them…

    Jane?s family means more to her than anything in the world. But how would she show them how much they mean? We helped this beautiful Mum organise a special surprise… See more

  • The Strings to Clinton’s Heart

    “As life goes, I have never found the opportunity or wanted to spend that money on myself. But it has always been a nice dream?. This would mean the absolute world to me.?
    – Clinton See more

  • Darren’s Reason To Dream

    Darren has two very special reasons to keep dreaming. His wife Trish wrote to us with the the following beautiful words explaining why Darren’s Dream has meant so much to his family. See more

  • Feeling like a Queen for the day!

    A simple Dream but to me it was MAGICAL just to be out of hospital with some of the people I love most in the world. I was made to feel special for a day. It really gave me a total boost… I felt like a Queen everywhere I went! See more

  • A Dream Wedding!

    ?Fighting cancer is an overwhelming and consuming battle. However, in the midst of it we were given an opportunity to let love, hope and excitement in” – Gabrielle See more

  • An Uplifting and Soul Enriching Experience

    Our Dreamer Kelly wanted to do something uplifting and soul enriching for her dream. After 12 months of bad news chasing bad news, Kelly’s dream brought positivity and empowerment back into her life. See more

  • To sing along with my hero: Paul McCartney!

    Karen may be facing a terrifying battle with metastatic cancer but her love for her hero, Paul McCartney remains as strong as ever! A fan from a very young age, her dream is just to hear him in concert and to sing along with every word. See more

  • My heroes are on the footy field

    Allan has been a keen Brisbane Broncos supporter since way back when the club began in 1988. His tough battle with metastatic cancer has not dampened his spirit. He had always dreamed of meeting his sporting heroes… See more

  • To put a smile on my daughter’s face

    This loving mum’s dream was just to bring joy to her little girl. With the help of Dreams2Live4, Suzanne was once again the mum who could make magic happen! And what better way to make her girl smile than to meet her heroes: the cast of Home and Away! See more

  • Dreaming across the outback!

    Passionate about all things camping and adventure, Lily dreamed of taking the journey of a lifetime: an epic 5- day womens camping event exploring the beautiful red center of Australia. See more

  • My 50th birthday surrounded by those I love

    A birthday celebration can be something many of us take for granted. After Megan?s cancer returned, she realised time was not on her side. Her dream was to spend time with those we love. See more

  • I’m leaving a piece of me behind

    Jeffry’s dream is to have his beloved car restored so that it can remain an important part of his family, a reminder of Jeffrey and a family keepsake. He dreams of this car escorting him on his final journey…with one of his sons behind the wheel. See more

  • Mad about motor racing!

    Geoffrey is passionate about motor racing. While lying in his room recovering from a round of gruelling treatment, a poster of his hero Dick Johnson hung on his wall. When Dream Maker Louise asked him what his Dream would be, there was no hesitation… See more

  • To meet my heroes for the first time!

    Meeting her lifelong heroes, the Cantebury-Bankstown Bulldogs was enough to bring Jacqueline to tears… Decked out in head-to-toe blue and white, Jacqueline was so grateful her dream had finally come true! See more

  • To be surrounded by what I love: soccer and my mates!

    He has not let his battle with a rare and painful cancer stop him from enjoying what he loves. A soccer enthusiast from a young age, Rhys is a passionate Mariners fan and knew instantly that his dream would revolve around this! See more

  • To experience a lost honeymoon

    Cancer meant Kara and her husband Troy never went on the honeymoon they deserved. But with the help of Dreams2Live4 and some special dream makers: this couple’s dream honeymoon came true in the beautiful Terrigal. See more

  • To live a dream that may have been

    At the centre of this dream is time: time to relax and unwind, time away from treatment and hospital rooms and precious, quality time to spend together as a family. See more

  • To thank the love of my life

    Philip?s wife has stuck by him as a constant source of love and support throughout his difficult battle with cancer. So, he vowed to thank her by whisking her far away from endless scans, treatment and bad news to Tasmania. See more

  • Creating special memories, snorkelling with my family!

    What a sight for sore eyes! Renee’s dream was to spend precious time with her 5 children and her wonderful husband. This family got to share a brilliant adventure, creating very special memories. See more

  • The honeymoon we never had

    Leticia yearned to give her loving husband the honeymoon they never got to have. Financial strain meant their fairytale honeymoon was always just a dream… But this was all about to change with the help of Dreams2Live4… See more

  • For some quality family time with my girls

    Tyanne’s simple dream was to spend quality time with her beautiful girls in a place far away from cancer. Just the sun shining, the beach glistening and her beautiful family by her side. See more

  • To show how proud I am to be their mum

    Single mum Bek was desperate to create special memories for her gorgeous children. Seeing what cancer has done to her family has broken her heart. So, she wanted to use her dream to bring some joy and adventure back into their lives. See more

  • Family Is Everything To Me

    My beautiful family never complain, they stick by me and do everything in their power to make my life easier. We have an extremely strong bond! That’s why my wish is to go away with my family, for some quality family time away from the stresses of hospital appointments. See more

  • My first proper Birthday party!

    After years of forgotten birthdays, Helen finally had her dream celebration. The bright room was filled with colour, joy, flowers, laughter and the smiles of Helen?s nearest and dearest. See more

  • Just to be there and support my team!

    Melinda has always been a supporter of the South Sydney Rabbihtohs and has dreamed of going to a game for forever. To go with her whole family and experience in person the sport that has helped lift her spirits so many times during her cancer battle, was truly magical. See more

  • ‘The Need for Speed!’

    Pete, battling cancer and confined to a wheelchair, yearned to feel a sense of freedom. His wife calls it his need for speed. His dream was to feel the thrill of slipping and sliding in the dirt again. See more

  • ‘Just a true escape from it all’

    Margaret desperately needed to escape reality and the immense stress cancer had put on her life. She has always dreamed of experiencing the magic of Broome…and to have this dream finally come true was incredible. See more

  • ‘To see the majestic Whitsundays. Hand in hand…”

    “I’ve always wanted to visit this beautiful part of the world. This dream is so important to us because there’s just something about the coastal lifestyle that relaxes us and makes us so happy.” See more

  • To have my family together all in one place…

    Imagine knowing you may never see your loved one again? This heartbreaking thought is sadly shared by many of our dreamers and their families. But the Coles family travelled from around Australia to visit Barbara and put a smile on her face. See more

  • Just to see the look on my kid’s faces the first time they touch snow!

    I love winter and the idea of building a snowman and having a snowball fight. When I was told how little time I had, I realised there was no next year. It was now or never for our dream! See more

  • Just to have some relief from my pain

    Dan is a young man whose heart-wrenching dream is to be pain free. His cancer has caused him so much pain in the last few months but the only relief he gets is from a spa… See more

  • “To thank the woman by my side through it all”

    Having been together for over 30 years, Chris and George?s love truly has endured the test of time. Now, as they face their most daunting future, all they wanted was to go to their favorite place, and experience another honeymoon together. See more

  • I don’t want my biggest party to be my funeral!

    Caitlin loves music, dancing and life and doesn’t want her biggest party to be her funeral! Dreaming about her 40th birthday party has helped Caitlin cope with treatment, giving her something exciting to look forward to! See more

  • A beautiful little distraction to my pain

    Kris? cancer means she is unable to drive and with her husband John at work, she is was alone most of the time. But not anymore! Now their new, gorgeous puppy Zoe is able to keep her company: bringing some much-needed comfort and joy into Kris? life. See more

  • ‘Life is for living, dreams are for chasing, and love always wins.’

    Although cancer tries to take everything from you, Catur and his wife Sarah know that life is too short to live in fear. Their goal is to live their life to the fullest, and were glad his new guitar can help him realize how lovely life is. See more

  • After lovingly taking care of her husband, it was time to take care of herself

    Barbra was a strong and steady caregiver to her husband as he tragically lost his battle, while she was battling her own. Her dream to relax and rejuvenate after these trying times was graciously fulfilled. See more

  • Her only Dream was to make her children smile this Christmas

    While Christmas is a special time for many families, Cancer can drain happiness, finances, and hope for others. Manu just wanted to give her children presents and experience the magic of Christmas with her incredible daughters. See more

  • Every moment spent with loved ones is precious

    Our Dreamer, Alfonso, knows how important having his loved one by his side has been during his treatment. To finally be able to escape treatments and hospitals and spend quality time together was exactly what they needed. See more

  • Just to see my kids again

    Geoff didn?t hesitate when we asked what his dream would be. With his children living hours away, his one and only hope was to see them one last time. The reunion was everything he had hoped for and more. See more

  • Cancer cannot take our love

    Chris and Naomi truly know the deepest truth of their vows “in sickness and in health.” While cancer often strains marriages, Chris and Naomi’s love has remained a constant through the unpredictable time of his treatment. His dream is to renew their vows to show that love really can conquer all, even cancer. See more

  • To rekindle their love without the stress of cancer

    After months of enduring treatments and doctor appointments, Jo and her partner’s relationship had felt the full burden of cancer. A trip away to just be a normal couple again was exactly what they needed. See more

  • Something I will never forget

    When Shelley was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, she knew how important it was to spend time with her girls and make new experiences. To have their lives be filled with joy and laughter, instead of the heartbreak of cancer. See more

  • I want them to remember the ‘fun’ me

    For our dreamer Kylie, her 5 boys mean the world to her. She dreamed of creating new joyful memories, to remind them of good times, instead of the harsh days of treatment. See more

  • Creating magical moments with my three amazing kids

    Tracey knew she did not want her dream just for herself, but instead she wanted something her entire family could experience together; an incredible, behind the scenes South Sydney Rabbitohs training experience! See more

  • You filled my thoughts on sleepless nights

    When cancer had wrecked havoc on Tanya’s life, she just desired to escape with her daughter to have time to heal and prepare for their uncertain future. A beautiful place away from the pain of cancer to simply be together and reconnect. See more

  • An escape in the midst of such sadness and pain

    When Barry was diagnosed, he was only given a few weeks to live and he knew he wanted to share it with the love of his life, Sarah. After he passed, she set about ensuring Barry?s legacy and raising funds for Dreams2Live4 to make more dreams come true. See more

  • ?Because of you, her dream to see her grandkids came true!”

    After spending the last 10 years too sick to travel, Susanna only dreamed of being reunited with her son and grandchildren. Luckily, for Mother’s Day, they were finally all able to be together again. See more

  • More than just the music

    Vanessa knew that the best way to share her love with those she most cared about was through recording beautiful songs for them. They will now have memories they can hear for a lifetime. See more

  • Her only dream was to celebrate Christmas

    Although Christmas is a time of joyous celebration for many, it seemed that Elizabeth would not be able to experience that happiness because of her metastatic cancer. However, our Dream Makers were able to bring the Christmas Magic to her! See more

  • Finding Peace in a Natural Wonder

    Facing a terrifying cancer diagnosis, Wendy yearned to fulfill her lifelong dream and experience the magic of Uluru. Sadly, responsibilities meant she was never able to feel that sense of wonder and beauty, only Uluru can offer. Finally, she was able to create memories to cherish forever. See more

  • To feel like a young couple in love again

    When Sarah was diagnosed with cancer, she was scared of losing her youth and time with her boyfriend, Tom. Luckily, a trip to Tasmania allowed them to be young and in love for a holiday, without the thought of cancer. See more

  • A reunion, 5 years in the making!

    Billy and Shantelle had grown up together in a foster home, and had each others backs since they were teenagers. After not seeing her for 5 year, and facing the biggest battle of his life, Billy yearned to spend precious time with Shantelle and meet her daughter, Mackenzie. See more

  • Finally being able to make happy memories

    When Roz was diagnosed with cancer, it quickly affected her entire family. A break from the day-to-day stresses, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy allowed her to relax and just enjoy precious time with her family. See more

  • To feel like we have a home again

    After having her and her family’s entire lives uprooted within a day, Jacquelyn’s dream was to be able to make a new home. To bring back a sense of comfort that had been lost for so long. By bringing home their family dog, Taka, our dreamer and her family are finally able to have a sense of normalcy in their lives again. See more

  • He was finally empowered again

    Our dreamer Jack had a heart of gold, always doing things for others instead of himself. When he was given his chance to dream, he immediately decided to share it with his family. When life seemed overwhelming and out of his control, his dream gave him his power back. See more

  • The guitar can always bring a smile to my face

    Craig?s main escape all of his life has been through his love of music. He has always had a special, dream guitar that he has hoped for. Now, he finally has it to help him forget all of the hardships of cancer, at least for a little while. See more

  • “My husband felt better from the very beginning”

    Frank’s dream to bring his family together not only gave him a way to escape the everyday pain he had been experiencing from cancer, but also reignited a sense of hope and adventure. This new lease on life is something he will be able to take with him, even beyond his dream. See more

  • The little conversations mean the most

    When cancer strips away all sense of normal from patients and their families, many times there is a need to reignite a sense of familiarity. Our dreamer Bob just wanted share a holiday to talk about everything under the sun, both large and small, with those he cared about the most. See more