We are so grateful to the amazing and inspiring people who help us make dreams come true by raising funds for Dreams2Live4. Raise funds in the name of someone you love or for the cause- there is no wrong reason to make dreams come true! Follow the easy steps below and get the ball rolling for an event of your own!

1. Now for the fun bit- get brainstorming about how you would like to raise funds and awareness for Dreams2Live4. Some successes in the past have been Bowl4Dreams at the local bowling greens, charity runs, morning tea?s, golf days and so many more. The options are only limited to your imagination!
2. Rally your friends and family around the event
3. Pick a date
4. Create a fundraising web page telling your story with a photo or video explaining why you are passionate about our charity.
5. Set an achievable target for your fundraising efforts ?you may be surprised by people?s generosity!
6. Email or message your family, friends and other potential supporters to get involved with your event, attend or donate.
7. Request to share your message anyway you can- have your friends share your event page, share it yourself, contact the local newsletter, or feature on the Dreams2Live4 Facebook page.
8. Let us know how you went! There?s nothing we love more than seeing the community come together to show how they believe in the dreams of metastatic cancer patients and have a great day doing it.
Thank you for making a difference and good luck with a fundraising event of your own!