At the end of the day what is life without happiness?

?I hate it when you can?t get to sleep. I don?t know if I?m sick of being in hospital or if I?m too excited for this extra long weekend and week?s honeymoon with my beautiful wife. So much to be happy about with my life at the moment. I feel sorry for anyone who isn?t happy. But happiness isn?t just given out to people, you have to know what will make you happy and work every day and every hour and every minute and every second to be happy. Because at the end of the day what is life without happiness? Don?t ask me I wouldn?t know?two more sleeps until I marry the love of my life.?

Gareth wrote this on the eve of his wedding day. He?was 22 when he married his childhood sweetheart. She had been by his side throughout his long battle with metastatic cancer. His dream was to whisk his new bride away to a honeymoon they would never forget. He wanted to show her how much her loyalty, love and care meant to him. With the help of Dreams2live4, Gareth felt he had the power to give back to her.